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Pieces of a broken heart ebook.jpg
Pieces of a Broken Heart
(Whiskey Bend Series Book 1)

How do you mend the Pieces of a Broken Heart when it’s shattered beyond repair?

When you’ve lost the loves of your life twice?

What do you do when your first love comes back after breaking all his promises?
Zachary Marshall has returned home after being gone more than a decade to keep his manager and record label happy after his latest escapade. The country music star is used to doing what he wants, when he wants. The dead town he grew up in has changed. It’s not the only thing. 

Danielle Taggert is busy owning her own bakery and being a single mom to her precocious daughter. She doesn’t have time for anything else, including a social life. When her high school sweetheart blows back into town, her world is turned upside down.

Can she risk everything for another chance at love? Will he be the man she needs him to be? Or will his indiscretions drive them further apart.

Pieces of a Broken Heart
beat of my heart 2020 ebook.jpg
Beat of my Heart
(Whiskey Bend Series Book 2)

Reagan Matthews is having a really crappy year.

She caught her husband cheating, now he's doing his best to sabotage her dreams, which includes the business she’s built from the ground up.

Enter Carter Madsen, the man with a killer smile. As a bar owner and single dad, he has no time for a woman in his life. Especially a rich, snooty one.

But there's something about Reagan that gets under his skin.

Things are never as cut and dried as they seem, though. Someone doesn’t want Reagan to get on with her life and is willing to do anything to accomplish their goal.

Will Reagan and Carter give in to the growing passion between them?
Or will their love turn to ash, burning down with Reagan’s life?

Beat of my Heart
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