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Down in flames(2019)ebook.jpg
Down in Flames
(Silver Tongued Devils Series Book 1)

One night. One mistake. A relationship down in flames.

Kristen Daniels has worked for years to achieve her dreams. But that one night changes everything, shattering her perfect life.

Brett Ingles is on top of the world. His band is finally topping the charts and playing sold-out shows. He has a beautiful fiancé he loves with all his heart. One mistake could ruin it all.

Derek Calloway has always been someone his friends could depend on. He never intended to fall in love with her. She’s off limits and he knows it. But the heart wants what the heart wants. He just hopes she’s worth the risk.

Down in Flames
Break me down (2019)ebook.jpg
Break Me Down
(Silver Tongued Devils Series Book 2)

One man will break me down. Another will try to build me back up.

When Mallory lost her father, she lost herself too. That’s how he found his way in. The wrong man, one bad decision, and Mallory almost paid the ultimate price. She escaped–barely–but the memory of him has left her broken. Shattered. Now she’s returned home, ready to start again, but she’s no longer the woman she was when she’d left. Jason thinks he can fix her if only she’d let him in.

Jason is living a life most men dream of. He has everything; friends, family, fame and money. He has only one regret. He never should have let Mallory go. The woman that’s returned home is almost unrecognizable as the girl he’s loved all along. She says she’s broken. He says she’s stronger than she knows. Jason won’t let her past ruin their future.

Break Me Down
Downonmy knees (2019)ebook.jpg
Down On My Knees
(Silver Tongued Devils Series Book 3)

Will I be the one down on my knees, or will she?

Camryn’s nerd-girl tendencies have served her well academically. It has always been her personal life that had her barely able to tread water. Years of abuse and ridicule from the one person that should have loved her best has made Camryn hide away from the rest of the world, content to stay in the background. When her long-term relationship ends, she’s ready to be done with love altogether. It’s not worth the hurt. Not to her.

A rock star. A man-whore. A guy nobody expects to settle down. Isaac has known Camryn for years, but he’s never seen as her anything but a friend. Until now. Camryn is everything he wants in life and exactly what he needs. He just needs to convince her how good they’d be together.

But both Camryn and Isaac have secrets, and when they’re revealed, it could ruin everything before it even begins.

Down On My Knees
Crashing Down(2019)ebook.jpg
Crashing Down
(Silver Tongued Devils Series Book 4)

One night is all it takes to cause everything good in your life to come crashing down.

Skylar’s life is finally turning around¬—a new town, a new job, new friends. But one chance encounter with a gorgeous man at the grocery store has her hauling ass in the other direction. When that same man shows up at her office, seeking help with his son’s speech problems, she’s trapped. She can’t avoid him now. She can’t stop herself from craving his touch when he looks at her that way. But Brett is famous—he’s out of her league. Besides, karma’s a bitch and she’s coming for Skylar.

One night two years ago had cost him everything. He lost his fiancée, the respect of his friends and any pride he had in himself. Becoming a single father to the resulting baby boy was the only good to come from that. Brett loves his son with everything he has, and he’s worked hard to fix things with his band. Just as his life seems to be getting back on track, he meets her. One look into Skylar’s hazel eyes and Brett’s a goner. But Skylar isn’t going to make this easy for him, and she isn’t his only problem. Brett’s fame has placed him in the crosshairs of an obsessed fan. One that won’t take no for an answer. 

Crashing Down
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